May 2, 2017

6 Teacher-Friendly Ways to ROCK the Last Few Weeks of School!

YOU’VE GOT THIS! Yep, you’ve almost made it through to the END of another awesome school year! In fact, I won’t use the words made it through, let’s change that to you’ve nearly finished ROCKING another school year - right?!
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So, now you’re into those last few weeks after the dreaded 'testing season' is over, but before the end of school--and you’re looking for some engaging yet low-stress (= LOW-PREP!) ways to cruise through the next few weeks. Don’t feel guilty, you’ve likely done the work of THREE teachers this year and now it’s time to take it down a notch…here are a few activities to help you ROCK the end of the year….just think of it as AutoPilot for your classroom. :-) And away we gooooooooooo!

Creative & FUN Centers - Think of activities that the kids enjoyed this year that are EASY for you to set up. Set up some fun Math Puzzle Center, STEM/Science Centers, A Reader’s Theater Center, and of course most kids can always use more writing practice, so here’s a freebie, a sample set of writing task cards for a Writing center. There are plenty of great center ideas on TPT, so be sure to use the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Sale that they have each May to stock up!

Hit the Target Dollar Spot - They often have blank books that your kids can make a masterpiece with! Have them write poems or create stories – all complete with their own illustrations too! You’re bound to find other great ideas in the dollar spot area at the entrance – why not enjoy shopping---grab some of that Target popcorn, a fountain drink, grab a cart and go a little crazy at good ole TARGET!?

Craft Days – Check out Pinterest for some creative and simple crafts that the kids can create without you having to spend a lot or do a lot of prep…Here are some cool boards that I’ve used in the past!

Have a Class Award Ceremony – There are TONS of free award certificate templates to be found on the interwebs, start looking NOW and make sure you find a way to give some kind of award to each and every child!

Theme Days - My students have always loved theme days…Combine some fun theme day ideas with read aloud books like these, for example, on your various theme topics. (Maybe even throw in some yummy theme-friendly snacks too!?) You can decide on theme weeks or theme days and select ideas that will be SIMPLE for you to throw together and EASY for kids to bring in supplies for… (it’s always good to plan these with your team & share supplies/props, etc., on opposite days so everyone gets to use the supplies)….here are a few ideas that our grade level teaching teams have done in the past: Zoo Day, Pajama Day, Camping Day, Beach Day…

Make a Memory Gift for Parents, Students & for you! – Take the best pictures from this past school year (make sure you have at LEAST one good one of each student) and throw them together in a Movie Maker app, add some sweet music – drop it into an online box (like dropbox or google drive) share the link and you’ve got a gift that they can access forever! BONUS: Parents will LOVE you for it AND you can always use it to showcase your awesomeness at the next Parent Open House next fall!

What are some of YOUR favorite ideas for cruising through the last few weeks of school?? I’d love for you to add them in the comments section below! PS. Even if these ideas don't precisely match up with your grades, perhaps you can adapt some to make your teaching life easier for the last few weeks of school!