July 19, 2016

10 Book & Snack Pairings that will have Kids BEGGING to READ more!

10 Book & Snack Pairings
that will have Kids BEGGING
to READ more!

Nowadays it seems like every restaurant has come up with great food & wine pairings on their menu, right?  Many even offer the latest lager & ale pairings with their menu choices, too! Sooooo, why should grown-ups have all the fun??  Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book and a yummy snack? Whether it’s with your own kids or your students in the classroom, snacking & reading GO TOGETHER like, well, cheese & crackers! They’re always a hit! (And can we PLEASE suspend reality for a moment & pretend that food issues don’t exist? Yep, no food allergies, gluten problems, GMO fears, organic-only, or nut allergies in our imaginary book/snack world)As for me I always order EXTRA gluten! So, with no restrictions on snacking choices, here are my nominations for 10 yummy children’s Book and Snack pairings! I have a feeling this will be the first of many sets that I can come up with! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments below! I will even mention you and/or your TPT store name in the next post! J Thanks for stopping by, now head off to the library & the grocery store!

1.                Many of you already saw my first pairing idea on my INSTAGRAM feed, from 7/17!  I love the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boomand this week in Costco I saw a new snack called Boom Chicka Pop!  For those of you who are kettle corn fans, this is sure to be a winning combo!

2.               The Snowy Day would be perfect with Hostess Snowballs (or even macaroons topped with coconut!) that we could pretend was fluffy snow! Remember these?

3.               The BFG served with cucumbers, and don’t forget about the ranch dip! Any vegetable goes better with ranch dip, just ask the kids. (or me!)

4.               How ‘bout One Fish Two Fish coupled with goldfish crackers? You may have your choice of pretzel OR cheddar!

5.               Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, well this one will almost too easy!  Obviously any chocolate you may have on hand will do!

6.               The Goosebumps Series:  With this set, I’m thinking RED Jell-O & gummy worms! And for their book ‘Horror at Camp Jellyjam’ why not PB&J sandwichescut into squares! Goosebumps even has a title that’s almost too easy to pair: “Say Cheese and Die!”...Need I say more? BTW, what great titles for books, eh?  Cheese for the kidswine for mom and dad!

7.               Okay this next one might be a bit of a stretch but bear with me.  How about the Kevin Henkes book Chester’s Way?  First, you’ve got Chester, and that automatically goes with “Chester the Cheetah” who represents the Cheetos brand, so there you go! Cheetos is the perfect pairing!  (& it’s your call on Puffy or Crunchy,  if you want to live dangerously--- get Flamin’ Hot!

8.               Judy Blume’s Fudge Series/Box SetThe dilemma here is what KIND of fudgeso many choices, so little time!

9.               The Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel (The Descendants) Evil tree. Bad Apple?  Your choices here are any kind of apple, (It’s autumn I like Honeycrisp!), or even pre-cut apple slices with peanut butter will work, OR my favorite--caramel dip!  Remember, any fruit or vegetable is made better with a dip! J

10.            The Harry Potter Series! The obvious choice for me with
this series is those AWESOMELY AWFUL JELLY BEANS that Harry & the kids ate! And rememberone of them might not taste quite right! (If you haven’t seen Jelly Belly’s Game, just know that ANY kid that I’ve ever given these jelly beans to has LOVED THEM and the game!! You’ve been warned, you’ll be re-ordering

Thanks for checking out this blog! Please feel free to leave any book/snack pairing suggestions in the comments below! I’d LOVE to hear your ideas for the next set! J

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