May 15, 2016

Thanks to Mrs. Jump’sClass for asking!

Here is one way that I keep my desk organized!

Idea from Pinterest (many boards)
Labels from Etsy
Paper background (your choice) from many TPT sellers
Hardware organizer from Lowes

May 10, 2016

Need to get your store, social media posts, or class resources ready for SUMMER?! 

In this BRAND NEW packet of styled images/photos, there are 9 BEACH/SUMMER-themed photos to save you some time!! Whether it’s for learning resources, TPT products, social media posts, (i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter) or product covers, this packet will add a vibrant & lovely summer touch to your creations or posts…You can type your own text over the image using a fun app like WordSwag or Phonto---Powerpoint works well too! Your only limit is your imagination! I will be posting MANY more summer sets soon, so you will have many pics to choose from! Get inspired and start creating! :-) 

May 6, 2016


Does your teaching blog look like ABANDONED PROPERTY?
If you’re like EVERY other TPT Seller with a blog, you have ZERO time to actually write the blog posts! Having an UP-TO-DATE blog will make you look more professional to followers and potential buyers, thus driving them to your store!

Did you know that MANY BUSINESSES use a blog-writing service? Now, thanks to TPT, you can too! :-)

You’re too busy with teaching, planning lessons, grading papers, friends, family, (and hopefully having a life!) to sit down and write your blog! (I was too!) 

Let me use my extensive teaching and writing skills to FINALLY take away your ‘BLOG-NEGLECT GUILT’ today!!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Purchase the blog post in the word count size (or monthly subscription) that you want and send payment to my PAYPAL account:  (please specify 'pay a person')

2.  Send an email, with your classroom-related blog topic that you want a blog-post on to me at:

    3. I will send an email confirming your order.  Within 5 business days, I will send out your newly created blog-post (or per the agreed time for monthly subscriptions), You can choose to jot down a sentence or two to personalize it for your readers if you’d like, but that’s not necessary!

    4. RELAX and know that your blog is UP-TO-DATE and looks more professional to followers and potential buyers! This will drive more clients to your store!

Rest-assured that your blog posts are:
A. 100% confidential; your name/store name will NEVER be shared/revealed.
B. Written for YOU and will not be duplicated for any other client’s blogs! 


300 - 700 words =  $ 41.00
700 - 1000 words = $ 55. 00

Monthly subscriptions are also available! :-) 

4 blog posts of 300-700 words each 
(one sent per week/you choose topic) = $164.00

4 blog posts of 700-1000 words each 
(one sent per week/you choose topic) = $220.00

LARGER WORD COUNT blog posts &  MORE FREQUENTLY WRITTEN blog post packages, and blog uploading services are available, please email me for details... :-) THANKS SO MUCH! -Bridget